Top 5 Instagram plugins for WordPress

1. InstafeedHub 

InstafeedHub is a perfect plugin and on top 1 because it has everything we’ve ever needed. 

The plugin contains full features like sharing and lightbox popups. It let you embed not only your Instagram images, but also your galleries and videos! You can display them in a post, a page or even on the sidebar.

InstafeedHub is easy to use. It has many available templates made by designers with 10 years of experience. You just have to choose your favorite one and start using it. Or you can make your own template with InstafeedHub Editor too. Our team has tried best to make it easy and simple for everyone. All of your editing and settings are live preview – you will see results immediately while making changes.

InstafeedHub runs fast and smoothly because the plugin includes new technology “Smart Tracking” that helps the website download less and reduce loading time – which will enhance experiences of your website viewers. See why and how smooth InstafeedHub really are:  

In addition, InstafeedHub uses smart cache so the data will be saved in viewers’ browsers for 12h. That means the loading time will decrease – which satisfies your viewers and is helpful for SEO. 

Don’t hesitate to try InstafeedHub for free now and see how the plugin works here

Top 2: RafflePress

RafflePress allows you to set up a contest prompting your visitors to take specific actions using Instagram. You can also ask your Instagram followers to join your email list if they wanna participate in your contest. 

RafflePress has a free version for you to try the plugin.

Top 3: Instagram Feed Pro

Instagram Feed Pro is a significant plugin in the market with over 1 million users.

The free version of this plugin is also fairly good for some basic uses. With the Pro version, you can show images from multiple sources. The plugin also works with Instagram stories and can display images on the sidebar. 

Try the free version of Instagram Feed Pro here

Top 4: Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is simple and adequate for basic uses. Like the plugins of top 3, it contains features like lightbox popups, albums and tagging. 

You can also choose whether to open images in a lightbox or not. 

Try Envira Gallery here

Top 5: Soliloquy

This plugin focuses on creating sliders for your website. It let you add your Instagram photos into sliders. You can choose exactly what contents from your Instagram you wanna embed by using tags, for example. Visit their website at Link.